Canadians Consider Selling Their Investments: Survey

A new survey has found that about a quarter of Canadians (25%) are considering selling their investments as volatility rocks global stock markets.

The survey, conducted by personal finance website Finder, found that Canadians who are looking to sell their investments are also feeling the strain of inflation and higher consumer prices.

Canadian investors are increasingly growing frustrated with stocks as the benchmark Toronto Stock Exchange is down 9% this year and the S&P 500 index in the U.S. is down 21% year to date and in a bear market.

The Finder survey also found that it is lower- and middle-income households in Canada that make up the majority of people looking to cash out their investments.

The poll results also differed among generations, with younger investors the most bullish on the future direction of stocks.

Baby boomers who were surveyed had less confidence in the stock market and were more likely to want to sell their investments, according to the findings.

Among Canadians planning to stay invested in the market, the top investing strategies are to buy and hold (41%), income investing through dividends (9%), and index investing through exchange-traded funds (7%).