U.S. Gov't Shutdown Imminent

U.S. lawmakers are facing a deadline to keep their government operating while President Donald Trump presses harder for some legislative accomplishments as his first 100 days in office wind to a close.

The week is shaping up to be a collision of needs between the two branches og government, and time is quickly running out on both.

Passing bills governing funding to avoid a shutdown appeared easy task just weeks ago, but new stumbling blocks have arisen in recent days as Trump has added new demands on items like the border wall and increased military spending.

Government funding ends Friday, allowing only three full days of legislative activity after the House of Representative returns late Tuesday night, and the last-minute controversial requests from the administration are threatening to make a deal harder to reach.

At the same time, the president is pushing Congress to move quickly on another attempt to pass a repeal bill of the Affordable Care Act, even though House Republicans aren't unified on a path forward.

Because Congress failed to come together on an appropriations bill for 2017 last year, its passed a short-term measure that funds the government at 2016 levels. But the measure runs out on Friday, giving Congress a hard deadline to pass a comprehensive funding bill to finish the current fiscal year.

With time running out and the last-minute demands by the Trump administration complicating negotiations, it is likely that Congress, which isn't interested in a government shutdown, will pass another short-term measure to keep the government open for a week or two.