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Apple Supplier TDK Claims Solid-State Battery Breakthrough

Japanese electronic parts maker TDK says that it has achieved a breakthrough in the development of long-lasting solid-state batteries.

TDK, which is a major battery supplier to Apple (AAPL), says its new solid-state batteries are likely to lead to higher performance for wearable electronic devices.

Tokyo-based TDK says that the material for its small solid-state batteries had an estimated energy density of 1,000-Watt hours per liter (Wh/l), which is 100 times greater than the energy density of conventional batteries.

Energy density refers to the amount of energy that is stored in a space.

Solid-state is viewed as the holy grail of batteries and a game-changing technology that could revolutionize not only wearable technologies but also electric vehicles.

Solid-state batteries do not only store more energy for longer, they also charge faster than conventional batteries and lithium-ion batteries that are currently the most powerful on the market.

TDK said that in addition to products such as the Apple Watch, iPhone and Air Pods, its new solid-state batteries could be used in devices such as hearing aids.

TDK said that its goal is to use its technology to replace existing coin cell batteries, a small stainless-steel disc that provides power to portable electronic devices.

The stock of TDK trades on Japan’s Nikkei index under the ticker symbol TYO:6762. The company’s share price has risen 59% in the past 12 months.

Apple’s stock has increased 15% in the last 12 months and currently trades at $212.49 U.S. per share.