Elon Musk Sells More Tesla Stock

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has sold more of his holdings in the electric vehicle maker that he founded.

A regulatory filing shows that Musk has sold another 934,091 Tesla shares worth $1.05 billion U.S. after exercising options to buy 2.15 million shares.

Musk, who is ranked as the world's richest person, had on November 6 Tweeted that he would sell 10% of his Tesla stock if users of the social media platform approved. A majority of people had agreed with the sale.

Since then, Musk has sold a total of 9.2 million Tesla shares worth $9.9 billion U.S. Last Tuesday, Musk sold 934,091 shares to meet tax withholding obligations related to the exercise of stock options.

Neither Musk or Tesla commented on the latest stock sale.