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How Big an AI is Apple Intelligence?

Last week, Apple (AAPL) finally unveiled an artificial intelligence roadmap. This led to the stock rising to a market capitalization above that of Microsoft (MSFT). Just how big is Apple’s Apple Intelligence?

Conveniently, Apple’s new AI leaves out more than 90% of its current iPhone users. Siri, the user assistant that required a major upgrade, will see significant improvements from AI features. However, only users with the most expensive hardware will get the AI. Users must have an iPhone 15 Pro or 15 Pro Max. In addition, the product will only work for people who communicate in the English language.

Apple’s slow approach to AI was similar to that of its EV development. It took a long time to develop its EV product before it ultimately nixed the project. This time, Apple Intelligence’s small reach of up to 7% of its users is an advantage. It gives the company time to test the AI on a limited user base. Apple would rather get the AI right than roll it out to the broader community.

Your Takeaway

Markets reacted too positively to Apple’s AI announcement. They are speculating that demand for premium iPhone devices will rise as consumers embrace AI. Wait for Apple to post stronger device sales before initiating a position in AAPL stock.