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System1 Flat on New Facets of App

System1, Inc. (NYSE: SST) shares enjoyed but small changes Tuesday, after the announced that its RoadWarrior app, a MapQuest acquisition that optimizes complex delivery routes to save time and fuel for drivers, has introduced a Proof of Delivery feature in connection with its launch of a new marketplace for feature-specific subscription add-ons.

Proof of Delivery allows for photos to be taken and signatures to be collected by drivers within the RoadWarrior mobile app during package drop-offs, ensuring a seamless, verifiable, and accountable delivery experience. With Proof of Delivery, drivers can add delivery notes, such as location or placement for unusual drop-offs, while signatures and photos taken via the mobile app sync directly to delivery dispatchers, who can view delivery and confirmation details in real-time within the web app.

“I’m excited to announce RoadWarrior’s new Proof of Delivery add-on feature that many of our users have been asking for, just in time for the busiest online shopping and delivery days of the year,” said Doug Berger, RoadWarrior’s VP of Business Development & Product. “Proof of Delivery makes RoadWarrior a much more complete solution for last-mile logistics and delivery businesses, allowing fleet managers and drivers to seamlessly verify package deliveries while efficiently optimizing their routes during the busy holiday shopping season and beyond.”

Proof of Delivery is the first feature to launch within RoadWarrior’s new marketplace for feature-specific subscription add-ons, and our team is now working on developing additional features that continue to meet our growing subscriber base’s evolving needs.

SST shares moved up two cents, or 1.7%, to $1.19.