Capstone Green Energy Flat on IBT Order

Capstone Green Energy Corporation (NASDAQ: CGRN) announced that IBT Group, Capstone’s authorized distributor in Italy, received an order for a C1000 Signature Series microturbine to power a district heating plant for the municipality of Bardonecchia, Italy. The follow-on order is the second for Energetica S.p.A. Group, an energy service company and the plant operator. The microturbine is scheduled to be commissioned in December 2023.

“District heating is an ideal use for Capstone’s microturbines. By combining heat and power production for an area, so many efficiencies are gained compared to distributed and disconnected buildings and boilers. We are always happy when our customers return for a second order because they have first-hand knowledge of the value and reliability of Capstone technology,” said CEO Darren Jamison.

A natural gas-fueled C1000S microturbine will enable the continuity of electrical energy and heat service for the area’s population and provide increased energy security. In district heating systems, each user’s boiler is removed and they are connected to a single hot water distribution network. This makes it possible to produce heat at higher efficiency levels and with better emissions control. When the heat is produced through a cogeneration plant, the production cycle works more efficiently resulting in increased energy savings.

CGRN shares were flat at $2.04.