Double Header In Wednesday's Premarket!

It’s not every day that this feature can be published simply because it’s a reactive piece based on trader pre-market activity. Because of this, we tend to get excited when we find a good penny stock to write about as it’s catching a bid. Today is a pretty special day in the sense that we have found two separate stocks that we couldn’t decide between!

Both All American Pet Company Inc. (OTCPK:AAPT) and Cyberlux Corp. (OTCPK:CYBL) appear to be catching a bid this morning as we headed into the final 15 minutes of premarket. Both of these micro caps are bid up on no news, however both are coming off of a strong Tuesday session.

All American Pet is currently bid up at $0.015/share (+42.99% implied open for sellers) at the time of writing. This implied move follows up the strong Tuesday close of $0.01049/share (+12.19%).

Cyberlux is currently bid up at $0.0311/share (+5.07% implied open for sellers). This move comes after a strong Tuesday performance as shares went on to close up at $0.0296/share (+43.69%).