New Partnership Announcement Sent These Shares Soaring

A micro cap in the technology space just announced a partnership agreement with Ignition Brandery under the terms of a memorandum of understanding, according to today’s release. Shares of DSG Global Inc. (OTCQB:DSGT) rallied on the news.

DSG Global Inc. is a technology company that provides designing, manufacturing, and marketing of fleet management solutions for the golf industry, commercial, government, and military applications.

The principal activities are sale and rental of GPS tracking devices and interfaces for golf vehicles and support activities. Its products developed by the company can be sold and installed in golf facilities and also for commercial applications. The products include TAG Golf which can be used to monitor the pace of play, security, geo-fencing, TAG Turf which is used for fleet management and security capabilities. Other products include TAG commercial and TAG military and government.

Traders were bullish on the news as shares traded up to $0.245/share (+16.67%) at the session high following the headline. This move is a breath of fresh air for long term shareholders who have been riding the multi-month downtrend.