NanoViricides Wins Licensing, Shares Hike

NanoViricides, Inc. (NYSE:NNVC) rose Tuesday after the company said it completed licensing for coronavirus field which included current covid-19 drug development.

The licensed field includes antiviral drugs to treat SARS-CoV-2 and its variants that cause the COVID-19 disease resulting in a global pandemic that continues to rage through the world, wave after wave, as new variants develop and take hold. There was no upfront cash payment for the license and the compensation terms were generally consistent with prior licenses.

NanoViricides is currently working on taking its two COVID-19 lead drug candidates, namely, NV-CoV-2- and NV-CoV-2-R, into human clinical trials. The Company believes that the essential preclinical work is substantially complete for taking these drugs into human evaluation.

The Company believes that these broad-spectrum anti-coronavirus drugs will continue to be effective even as the virus continues to mutate developing into a number of variants of concern. Antibody protection afforded by vaccines and the effectiveness of antibody drugs have continued to decline progressively as new SRAS-CoV-2 variants have emerged. The Company believes that its unique anti-viral nanomachine technology overcomes these issues.

The Company believes it is well poised to deliver an out-patient oral medicine to treat COVID-19 infections. The Company has found that its anti-COVID-19 drugs exhibited strong antiviral effectiveness when given orally in animal studies.

NNVC marched ahead $1.20, or 29.5%, to $5.27