American Airlines Warns Of Jet Fuel Shortages

American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) is warning of jet fuel shortages and urging pilots to conserve supplies.

The world’s biggest airline said it might have to add stops to certain flights because of fuel delivery delays at some small and midsize airports around the U.S. and has asked pilots to save fuel whenever possible.

The carrier said airlines, including American, have experienced the fuel delays due to a lack of available trucks and truck drivers.

American Airlines said flights will carry additional fuel into airports affected by shortages, a procedure known as "tankering," or add fuel stops to certain flights.

American said that the flight disruptions caused by fuel supply shortages have so far been "minimal" and that it hasn’t had to cancel any flights because of them.

Delta Air Lines said the carrier has seen some fuel delay issues at smaller Western airports but that it hasn’t had operational problems as a result. Southwest Airlines also hasn’t had any disruptions because of fuel issues, but said it would turn to "tankering," if needed.

The fuel supply issues have sprung up during a surge in domestic leisure travel demand, which U.S. airline executives say is near or above 2019 levels.

Many international destinations require negative COVID-19 test results or proof of vaccination for entry or are closed to visitors altogether. That has driven up demand for U.S. travel destinations this summer, particularly flights to smaller airports near outdoor tourist attractions.