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Martinrea International Inc

11:50 AM EST - Martinrea International Inc : Announced NanoXplore’s purchase of Martinrea Innovation’s 50% equity stake in VoltaXplore Inc. for an aggregate equity consideration of $10 million on March 24, 2023. NanoXplore now owns 100% of the equity and intellectual property in VoltaXplore and Martinrea has increased its existing equity position in NanoXplore from 21.1% to 22.7%. VoltaXplore was formed as a joint venture between NanoXplore and Martinrea in 2021 to collaborate on developing graphene-enhanced Li-ion battery cells for electric vehicles and grid storage and to explore the potential to build a battery gigafactory. Martinrea International Inc shares T.MRE are trading up one cent at $13.26.