HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.

10:54 AM EST - HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. : Announced the production figures from the Company's global Bitcoin operations for the month of November 2022, with 264 Bitcoin produced. HIVE produced 264 Bitcoin in the month of November, from ASIC and GPU mining operations, with a monthly average hashrate of 2.51 Exahash, representing an average of 105 Bitcoin Per Exahash. HIVE has received 262 units of its new HIVE BuzzMiner, powered by the Intel Blockscale ASIC. An additional 420 units are expected to be received in the next week. Total production allocation of the HIVE BuzzMiner for 2022 is 5,800 units which are all expected to be delivered throughout December 2022 and January 2023. HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. shares V.HIVE are trading up $0.04 at $2.63.

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