E3 Lithium

10:09 AM EST - E3 Lithium : Has created its first successful battery through a collaboration with Pure Lithium. Pure Lithium used lithium produced from E3's DLE technology to create the lithium metal that was used to produce a pouch cell battery. The goal of this initial testing was to demonstrate the proof of concept. The two companies have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to complete further testing and validation work. E3 has been working with Pure Lithium, who is advancing lithium metal processes and battery manufacturing. E3's goal is to ensure it has a diverse offering of products to meet the growing and changing landscape of the lithium battery and Electric Vehicle (EV) market. While the strong market for high nickel cathode chemistry batteries will likely mean E3's first phase of its production will be lithium hydroxide, E3 believes lithium metal will be a critical component in the next generation of lithium batteries. "Creating the first battery using our lithium is a major accomplishment for E3," said Chris Doornbos , CEO of E3 Lithium. "This small application proves the functionality of our product and assists in validating our business plans into the future. While E3 is focused on manufacturing lithium hydroxide to supply the burgeoning lithium-ion battery market for EVs, we believe lithium metal and solid-state batteries are likely to become a large part of the market." E3 Lithium shares V.ETMC are trading up 6 cents at $2.42.

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