Nepra Foods Inc.

09:51 AM EST - Nepra Foods Inc. : Introduced their proprietary THP™ (textured hemp protein), a healthier, more environmentally-friendly plant protein that could disrupt the nearly billion-dollar textured vegetable protein (TVP) market. THP™ is a key ingredient in Nepra's commercial and direct-to-consumer meat alternatives and will be used extensively in future product development. Most textured vegetable proteins (TVPs) are derived from peas, soybeans, wheat, and other plant sources. Many of these can trigger food allergies, or have an "off" flavor and texture. Hemp, the base for THP™, is one of the cleanest, healthiest seeds on the market, making it a superior plant protein. The introduction of THP™ will revolutionize the plant-based sector and set a new precedent for future plant proteins. Nepra Foods Inc. shares C.NPRA are trading up 5 cents at $0.75.

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