NEO Battery Materials Ltd.

09:52 AM EST - NEO Battery Materials Ltd. : Announced that NEO's metallurgical-grade silicon (Si) microparticle anode materials have achieved exceptional stability and breakthrough cycling performance with an all-solid-state electrolyte compared to the cells of conventional liquid electrolytes. NEO's low-cost, metallurgical-grade silicon particles of micron-size were able to sustain its original specific capacity of 3000 mAh/g without major capacity loss or performance degradation in the cell as shown in the data below. A sulfide-based solid-state electrolyte, argyrodite, was utilized with a 100% loading of NEO's silicon microparticle anode materials. The battery test was conducted and validated by a South Korean third-party laboratory. NEO Battery Materials Ltd. shares V.NBM are trading up 2 cents at $0.79.

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