Pure Extracts Technologies Corp.

09:18 AM EST - Pure Extracts Technologies Corp. : Announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Pure Extracts Manufacturing Corp., has developed and is in production of innovative, high potency CBD edible gummies for the Canadian market. Pure Extracts CEO, Ben Nikolaevsky, remarked, “June is going to be a very exciting month for us as we commence sales of gummies through our distribution partner. The edible gummie business is a material revenue producer for Pure Extracts. We plan to replicate the success that our licensing partner, Taste-T, LLC, is experiencing in US states including Nevada, Massachusetts, Michigan and Oklahoma. Our exceptionally pure products are in high-demand, and we have a range in potencies and flavours that consumers will certainly enjoy.” These products will be sold under the Pure Chews line of branded products and will feature 50 mg, 75 mg and 100 mg CBD potencies. Pure Extracts Technologies Corp. shares C.PULL are trading unchanged at $0.25.

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