Why Solar Mining for Bitcoin is Making This Company’s Shares Pop

Mining bitcoin is a huge drain on valuable energy resources. But the ability to mine bitcoin using solar power is gaining traction, and this company is at the forefront.

OPTEC International (OTC PINK:OPTI), a developer and manufacturer of electronic LED and solar powered technologies, announced a renewable energy mining partnership with Solteir Mining, a special purpose data center and hosting solution for crypto miners. Solteir uses proprietary monitoring software and access to cheap electricity, allowing effective ways for miners to achieve higher profits.

Bitcoin mining is expected to start by fall, 2021, using OPTEC's Solar Paneled Generators at Solteir's current mining facility in Pennsylvania. Solar mining is then expected to move operations to California, into one of OPTEC's secured warehouse and distribution facilities. OPTEC will be the sole provider of solar powered products to Solteir.

Shares of OPTEC, which have been trending down for the past few months, were up in mid-morning trade to $0.061.