Securing Digital Assets for the Country With the Most Crypto Owners

Cryptocurrencies are some of the fastest growing assets in the world, estimated to grow to almost $40 billion by 2025. But owners face the threat of hacks, scams and theft. This company is moving to install protections to reduce client risk in the country with the most crypto holders.

Life Clips, Inc. (OTC Pink: LCLP) is the parent company of Belfrics India, a digital-asset trading platform operating in multiple countries. Per the Company’s press release, Belfrics India has selected Coincover’s Consumer Protect technology to add peace of mind for its crypto clients in India, home to the largest number of crypto owners in the world.

Digital assets lack the typical third-party custody protection afforded to stocks and bonds, and are therefore more susceptible to theft or loss. By offering this add protection, Belfrics India is hoping to grow its client base and stand out in the field.

Shares were down at the close yesterday to $0.02253.