Ontario Cannabis Store Shutdown By Cyberattack

A cyberattack has shutdown the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS), preventing the provincial
marijuana distributor from processing orders to stores and customers.

The OCS says there’s no indication that its customers’ information has been compromised by
the cyberattack that occurred on August 5 and has left it unable to fulfill orders.

The OCS said it is working with its partners and third-party cybersecurity experts to conduct an
investigation into the attack, which is expected to be finalized within days.

The breach is impacting people who shop for cannabis on the OCS website, which is the only
legal online retailer of recreational cannabis in the Province of Ontario.

More than 1,300 licensed cannabis stores buy the recreational drugs they sell from the OCS,
which is operated by the provincial government in Ontario.

An OCS letter to cannabis retailers says the launch of new products scheduled for this week is
“delayed until further notice” owing to the cyberattack.

The OCS has not said when it expects to restart cannabis deliveries across Ontario.