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Lion Group Loses Roar After Trumpeting GPT-4o Links

Lion Group Holding Ltd. (NASDAQ: LGHL) shares weakened Thursday. The operator of an all-in-one trading platform that offers a wide spectrum of products and services today announced its plan to utilize and explore cutting-edge AI technologies, including OpenAI's latest flagship model GPT-4o, to enhance the AI capabilities of Lion's core business products and services. By actively seizing the opportunities presented by AI, Lion aims to accelerate the construction of a development ecosystem based on finance, technology, and digitalization.

For a long time, the Hong Kong-based Lion has been “dedicated to empowering investors through technological innovation, providing higher quality products and services to users worldwide. Through in-house development and integration of market-leading AI technology models, Lion aims to significantly reduce operational costs and inefficiencies in technological capabilities and software applications, such as intelligent customer service, smart account opening, data retrieval, and advisory services. This will enhance the intelligent trading experience while offering significant pricing advantages for related products and services,” according to Thursday’s news release.

In addition, building a highly skilled and professional technical team is one of Lion's key development strategies. This team includes software development engineers, intelligent robot R&D engineers, algorithm engineers, AI operations engineers, and visual and interaction designers.
Investing in and supporting human resources is also the key to Lion's deep AI tech-empowered core fintech business products and service delivery.

LGHL shares began Thursday down three cents, or 6.1%, to 48 cents.