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AppLovin Unveils Ad Trends

AppLovin (NASDAQ: APP) shares lost some ground Tuesday, as the leading marketing technology platform, today released Performance-driven Ad Trends 2024, revealing how AI tools are driving new efficiencies and broadening the possibilities of the creative process. The report explains how AppLovin’s in-house creative agency, SparkLabs, is using generative AI to improve workflows to elevate both the quality and impact of performance ads, and dives deep into the year’s top-performing creative strategies.

Notable trends include: Prioritizing team adoption of AI over individual usage by infusing AI into daily team operations; “Genre-bending” or borrowing popular mechanics from other successful game genres to broaden audience appeal; Using gamification to inspire fresh interactions across non-gaming app verticals. About one-third of top-performing ads in the non-gaming category included ‘gamifying’ features; Innovating on metaplay by featuring gameplay mechanics beyond a game’s core elements to stretch out creative concepts and help brands stand out.

CMO Katie Jansen: "Embracing AI expands the potential of creatives. The technologies continue to evolve, but we’ve found a huge opportunity to benefit from many different AI tools right now. We’ve seen that it is key to foster a culture that inspires creative teams to explore and adopt these technologies in order to improve efficiencies, continue to push creative boundaries and improve results for our customers."

APP shares gave up 99 cents, or 2.1%, to $46.07.