Micro-cap Tech Firm Wins Order for Middle Eastern Central Bank

Security is always of the upmost importance when it comes to anti-counterfeiting measures, which is why banks and governments have to trust those in control of their security features of banknotes. As of this morning, it has been announced that Nanotech Security Corp. (TSX-Venture:NTS) has won a security film order for a Middle Eastern Central Bank.

Nanotech is a leader in the development of secure and memorable nano-optic security features used in the government and bank note markets. This morning, it made headlines as the company announced an order for 156 km of LumaChrome™ colour-shifting security film to be used by a Middle Eastern Central Bank.

Investors seem to be excited about the news, as shares trade up $.03 to $.41/share (+7.9%) in early trade. This bullish move is a continuation of a multi-month uptrend. It is expected that this could lead to recurring orders, so be sure to keep this exciting micro-cap on your watchlist.