WestJet To Buy 42 Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft

Privately held WestJet Airlines says it has signed an agreement with Boeing (BA) to purchase
42 737-10 MAX aircraft, with an option to purchase an additional 22 airplanes.

WestJet previously had an agreement with Boeing to buy 23 737 MAX aircraft. The 737-10
model is the largest of Boeing’s MAX airplanes.

While terms of the purchase were not disclosed, the size of the latest aircraft order makers it a
multi-billion-dollar deal. WestJet currently has 170 aircraft in its fleet, including 110 Boeing 737s.

The Boeing 737-10 aircraft reduces fuel consumption and carbon emissions by nearly 20% per
seat when compared to previous generations of the airplane, according to Boeing.

The latest 737 aircraft order is part of Calgary-based WestJet’s expansion plans. The airline has
said that it plans to increase its already formidable presence in Western Canada.

Boeing’s stock is down 40% this year at $125.33 U.S. per share.