Throne Speech Won't Likely Contain 4-Day Work Week; Experts Think it Belongs

The four-day week is a wildly popular idea that enjoys bipartisan support across Canada. It might be the only policy supported by both the right-leaning Fraser Institute and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The idea is enjoying a moment in the sun as the COVID-19 pandemic forces people around the world to consider how they work and spend leisure time. But don’t expect to see it in Wednesday’s Speech from the Throne.

Asked about the idea in June, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wasn't enthused.

“I think there are a lot of people," the prime minister mused out loud, thinking creatively about what the post-COVID world could look like. And I look forward to hearing a wide range of suggestions.

"But right now, we’re very much focused on getting through this particular crisis."

The Fraser Institute says with increased productivity, Canadians could easily maintain or increase their quality of life while working fewer days.

An Angus Reid poll conducted in June found that Canadians are warming to the concept, though. Two years ago, 47% said they supported a four-day work week compared to 53% this year.