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Fantom Weekly: Prepare for Launch

Ahead of Fantom Foundation’s launch of Sonic mainnet in the weeks ahead, such key upgrades resulted in cost reductions. The foundation upgraded some of its archive RPC (remote procedure call) nodes to Sonic. Because of a 20-fold improvement in efficiency is a 95% reduction in costs.

The foundation measures storage usage, synchronization time, and request capacity to measure performance improvements for Sonic technology. When Sonic archive nodes use one-third of disk space compared to Opera nodes, it assists in delivering speed performance that is compatible with Fantom’s mainnet. Fantom fans may look ahead for developments like sharding and horizontal scaling.

The foundation said that Sonic archive nodes will synchronize data around 10 times faster than Opera nodes on the Fantom mainnet. Request capacity increased, too, resulting in Sonic archive nodes handling nearly 9 times more requests per second compared to Opera nodes. It may now process 10,224 RPC requests processed per second on a 20-thread server configuration.

Fantom Weekly Price

Fantom started last week at $0.4138, peaked at $0.44, and traded between around $0.39 to $0.42. Its market cap of $1,168,500 ranks it at #67, according to Coinmarketcap. Its daily trading volume of $58.3 million ranks the cryptocurrency at #109.

By comparison, the #1 cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Bitcoin (BTC-USD), closed nearly flat in the last week to $51,440.