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Check Out lif3

Lif3 is a way for cryptocurrency investors to unlock the potential of decentralized finance (DeFi). It is a stable asset for investors seeking more than that offered by traditional stablecoins.

L3USD last traded at $0.9718. DeFi holders may download the Life3 wallet on either Google Play or Apple’s App Store. L3USD can be referred to as a VCS, or a variable collateralized stable. That means it will trade at or near $1.00.

The collateralization model for lif3 L3USD has two main parts. Curve pools are the first part. This deepens their liquidity over time. The second part is the utilization of a balanced basket of cryptocurrency assets.

Readers who look at LIF3 prices in the year will find that it fell from a $0.060 peak in January to $0.0020. It reached an all-time high of $0.605490 on Jun 16, 2022. Beware of the bearish sentiment. Until it attracts more users to the platform, volatility will continue. As more users join the Lif3 ecosystem, the platform will enable them to stake their tokens and earn rewards.

There are currently 354.67 million LIF3s in circulating supply. The maximum supply is 8.89 billion LIF3.

LIF3 does not get much media or news coverage. The team has been working on LayerZero integration, as posted here:

Readers interested in LIF3 will need to have patience as the team brings the new tokens powered by LayerZero.