NFT Collection Launch Sends Shares Soaring

A California-based micro cap just announced that the company has developed its first NFT collection called OneWorld ALIENS Club. Shares of One World Universe (OTCPK:OWUV) rallied strongly on the news as the popularity of NFTs has climbed significantly in recent months.

One World is a California corporation whose mission-driven business is implementing global humanitarian efforts through the profits generated from the sales of products and services to improve people's lives living in the harshest environments and their communities. The company has contributed valuable resources such as access to personal protective equipment (PPE), medications, vaccines, and educational support.

Traders were bullish on the news as the share price climbed up to $0.3998/share (+48.07%) at the session high following the announcement. This move is a strong continuation of the success this micro cap has had so far this quarter.