Ontario Implements Gas Tax Cut Of 5.7 Cents A Litre

To help consumers, the Government of Ontario has lowered the gas tax levied at the pumps by
5.7 cents a litre and the fuel tax, which covers diesel, by 5.3 cents per litre.

The gas tax cut is scheduled to last for six months, with the changes in effect from July 1 to
December 31, according to the provincial government. The reduction in the gas and fuel taxes is
estimated to cost Ontario $645 million.

Regular gas prices at the pumps are currently near $2 a litre throughout the province. The
lowered taxes are forecast to drop the price at Ontario pumps by about 11 cents per litre on
average, according to industry estimates.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford promised to cut gas taxes during the recent provincial election
campaign, promising to lower prices at the pumps by 10 cents per litre.

Premier Ford has also called on the federal government in Ottawa to help lower gas prices for
Canadian consumers.