Tech Stock Pops After Signing LOI For Acquisition

A New York-based technology firm just announced the signings of two letters of intent to acquire controlling positions of both Remote Intelligence, LLC and Wildlife Specialists, LLC. According to the release, the two firms together offer fully integrated, drone based, geo-rectified, 3D modeled mapping for industrial applications specializing in the energy and environmental survey service specializing in the Oil & Gas industry. Shares of DarkPulse Inc. (OTCPK:DPLS) rallied on the news.

DarkPulse Inc. is a technology-security company. It offers a full suite of engineering, installation, and security management solutions to industry and government. The company's patented BOTDA dark-pulse sensor technology allows for the monitoring of highly dynamic environments due to its greater resolution and accuracy.

It provides a comprehensive data stream of critical metrics for assessing the health and security of their infrastructure. Its technology can determine wall deformation, corrosion, pipe wall thickness, pressure, strain, & temperature from sensor data collected in Real-Time. DarkPulse products have applications in the following sectors: Structural Monitoring, Temperature Sensing, Security & Defense, Consulting Services, and others.

Traders were bullish on the news as shares hit an early session high of $0.023/share (+21.69%) following the announcement. This move is a strong continuation of the success this stock has had over the last few months.